Boca Raton Import Export was started on a couch with a laptop and a phone and a spectacular dev team that put this all together. We are FedEx certified to handle live and dangerous goods such as reptiles, aquatics, amphibians, meal subscription services, perishables like salad dressing, and feeder insects, we work with breeders, medical supplies and cash deliveries. Boca Raton Import Export specializes in the speedy side of shipping - that is where most of our discounts are and will stay. 

We sat down and mapped out a plan to thrive in this glorious world of shipping. Our FedEx representative is just a click away and is always prepared to handle any situation that arises.

Our site was designed to simplify the shipping experience by satisfying our customers with discounted FedEx shipping labels that will arrive in your email in 101 seconds! Seriously, we timed it. Now, we originally were going to become a strict importer and potential exporter, but we met some really great people who said that shipping labels and FedEx discounts were where it's at and that's how we ended up here. 

We love communicating with our customers no matter the topic. Send us an email or give us a call - we would love to hear your story.