What you can’t ship with Boca Raton Import Export

You cannot ship illegal drugs, batteries, liquor, aerosols, firearms and ammunition, fireworks, explosives, mammals (no dogs, no cats), birds, dry ice and ABSOLUTELY no venomous reptiles.

Which service should I pick for my package?

Boca Raton Import Export offers the following FedEx shipping services:

  • Priority Overnight
  • 2Day
  • Express Saver (three day)
  • Ground (to business addresses)
  • Home Delivery (to residential addresses)

Live shipments must be sent via Priority Overnight.

If Carrier does not deliver on time, do I get my shipping charges back?

Although late deliveries are rare it is important to understand that no carrier is 100% perfect and delays can occasionally happen. If one of your shipments does arrive late, call us and we will file the claim for you. If the carrier considers it a "service failure" (late delivery that is the fault of carrier), they will refund the shipping charges after which we will reimburse to you minus a small processing fee (which may be subject to change as costs require). Currently the Claims Processing Fee is:

  • $4.95 per package
    Note that carriers do not refund shipping costs if they deem the problem is a result of an "Act of God" (weather, etc.).

How and where can I drop off my package? 

We recommend dropping your package off at a FedEx Ship Center. There are plenty of these locations, and they are generally convenient to where you live. This makes them perfect for afternoon drop offs. 

Your package should be all taped up and ready to ship, and the prepaid shipping label should be securely fastened to the top. Your FedEx referral note should be taped next to your shipping label.
You can find your nearest FedEx drop off location here.

Pro tip: We recommend dropping your package off at a "FedEx Ship Center" not a "FedEx Office Print & Ship Center." This is because a “FedEx Ship Center” is staffed by real FedEx employees and they know all the rules and regulations to shipping. When you search for a FedEx location using the link above, be sure to double check the name of the location you plan to use. 

Your company say’s it does importing and exporting, but I don’t see anything on the site talking about it. What give’s?

We are working very hard on all the paperwork and regulations for importing and exporting, but we will be able to very soon. As of right now we mainly ship domestically and internationally, as well as live wildlife. Thank you for understanding.