Terms & Conditions for Purchasing Shipping Labels

The Terms & Conditions contained herein constitute a contract for the purchase of Value Added Shipping Services from Boca Raton Import Export LLC & Bocaratonimportexport.com (collectively the “Seller”) by a registered purchasing party (“Buyer”). These Terms and Conditions constitute the full and complete contractual agreement (“Agreement”) between the Seller and Buyer (the “Parties”). There are no other warranties, oral or written agreements, and/or representations or other Terms & Conditions not contained herein, either express or implied, pursuant to the provision of, and use of, the Services by and between the Parties to this Agreement. This Agreement shall become effective immediately upon Seller’s receipt of a fully executed copy of this Agreement by the Buyer, as evidenced by the application of the Buyer’s digital or written signature and date affixed to this Agreement. Buyer’s completion of the on-line “signature” process, typified by the voluntary typing of Buyer’s name where required, is an acknowledgment that the Buyer has read, fully understands and accepts the Terms & Conditions of this Agreement.

State & Federal Laws:

We will not knowingly ship any animals in violation of any State and/or Federal Laws. Buyer is responsible for knowing his or her own local and state laws before purchasing.

Live Arrival Guarantee

Any and all animals are guaranteed to arrive alive, in good health, and correctly sexed. Animals will only be shipped during appropriate shipping temperatures (your location & FedEx Hubs).

The live arrival guarantee will be void if we are provided with incorrect shipping information or you are not available to accept the package on the first delivery attempt.

Any snake that arrives DOA or for any other shipping problem, the customer must contact us within 1 hour of the delivery time stated by FedEx.

Shipping: Seller is an independent Carrier value-added shipping services reseller. Seller is not a legal subsidiary of Carrier and does not represent or speak, for or on behalf of, Carrier. Seller is not involved in the internal business dealings or practices of Carrier other than as a bulk volume customer of Carrier authorized to resell Carrier services at rates not less than those approved for Seller.

Carrier Facilitation: Buyer agrees to allow Seller to facilitate shipping arrangements between Buyer and Carrier, via Carrier pick-up or Carrier drop-box, including but not limited to: (1) allowing Seller to provide Carrier with Buyers address; (2) allowing Seller to provide Carrier with Buyers relevant personal information; (3) allowing Seller to provide Carrier with pickup and delivery times for Buyer; (4) allowing Seller to purchase Carrier shipping on Buyers behalf; and (5) allowing Seller to pay for Carrier shipping services provided to Buyer.

Shipping Method Restrictions: NO VENOMOUS or DANGEROUS reptiles, NO MAMMALS, LIVE shipments MUST use the carrier’s OVERNIGHT SHIPPING.

Boca Raton Import Export must refuse to offer transportation of any cargo shipment if the shipper does not consent to the screening of the cargo.

Residential pickups mean to pickup from one’s personal home address or privet residence, including businesses that are operated from home.

Boca Raton Import Export will not be liable for any damages in excess of the declared value of a shipment, whether or not we knew or should have known that such damages might be incurred.

Boca Raton Import Export will not be liable for any adjustment, refund or credit of any kind will be given as a result of any loss, damage, delay, late delivery, no delivery, misinformation or any failure to provide information, unless it is from our own sole negligence.

Charges may be assessed based on dimensional weight, which is a volumetric standard. Dimensional weight pricing is valid on a per-package or per-shipment basis to all shipments in customer packaging. If the dimensional weight exceeds the actual weight that YOU entered into Boca Raton Import Export, charges based on the dimensional weight will be assessed.


Taxes and Duties

All taxes and duties that are due will be charged to the recipient. The sender, b agreeing to these terms and conditions, is agreeing that they acknowledge this and agree that the taxes and duties charged can be charged to the recipient.

The sender does understand that Boca Raton Import Export in no way checks or validates the contents or the description of the contents provided by the customer for suitably of carriage or for importation.

 It is the sender’s duty to make sure all items are declared correctly and in full.

 It is the sender’s responsibility that the goods they are shipping are allowed in the packages destination (country). Make sure everything that goes thru Bocaratonimportexport.com agrees to all laws and regulations for your shipments destination. If you do try to send something to a country that does not allow the contents of the package, they will seize the contents and no refund will be given because of negligence from the sender.